Made my first picture frame, and found out that what I thought was a perfect right angle for the miter saw fence, is off by a fraction of a degree. :/


Hint: don't trust the miter saws fixed locks.
Been there, done that (with more than a saw).
Make a small cut on a scrap, then compare it with a *trusted* square.
Then lock, even if outside the default snap locks.

@GustavinoBevilacqua Yeah, it's hard to trust affordable construction machines that aren't really made for precise cuts like that. I'm inclined to just build table saw jigs for nearly all cuts at this point.


Another hint: check the vertical, too!
My Femi metal bandsaw tends to drift a bit…

@raucao Yay! FYI, David Pocciuto has a great tip: glue up two halves of a frame and sand the ends on a flat surface.

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