Made it to Eisenach, in the middle of Germanland (heading to Berlin). It was the maiden voyage of the YOLO Cabrón a Yoeleo R11 that I built up last weekend with what was still available just before all the components were sold out everywhere a few months ago.

Yoeleo's frames aren't cheap, but a thou gets you a top-notch carbon fiber product, designed and produced in-house by them, which would cost 3K+ at big-name Western brands. Ecxept that Yoeleo also includes a fantastic integrated carbon headset in the price.

So yeah, the industry in Xiamen seems to be very much on par with the established Taiwanese builders in regards to production quality by now, judging by this frame.

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If you really want, you could even get a 12-speed Sensah Empire groupset and make it a full Chinarello. Check those prices compared to Shimano and SRAM if you want your mind blown a little bit.

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