So apparently has blocked me instance-wide, but I never posted anything that would be against their rules (that I'm aware of). Can someone talk to a mod there and ask them to contact me? Very frustrating for people trying to follow me from there now.

@raucao hmm, very odd. Not seem you post anything controversial since I've filled you.

@raucao that should say followed, I haven't any files on you...

@beachbardave The only report I ever received (because I'm also an admin of our instance) was for "covid misinformation" in a post where I merely linked to peer-reviewed studies on some subject. I hope they're not censoring normal, rational discourse these days, but after what we've seen since last spring, I guess it wouldn't surprise me.

@beachbardave Even then, an all-out block would be ridiculous, compared to simply muting me for users who don't follow me there.

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