The reason we have so many shortages right now may be that most companies cargo-culted Toyota's just-in-time model, instead of understanding it fully:

(And tbh, it's not even that bad, considering that all basic needs are still entirely met for the vast majority of people who weren't starving before.)

I see two issues come up/by time and time again ... and they never seem to learn. Probably because they don't want to learn.

1) Buzzword compliance is all that matters.
F.e. 'agile' has become such a farce that it makes the guy that started it, puke.
"No, you can't combine those two roles 'for efficiency', moron"

2) Short term profits at all costs. Or as I like to say: "There is nothing more important then next quarters results"
I like the 'time preference' discussions in bitcoin :)

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