One of the reasons the modern nation state has become ubiquitous is that organizing information and actions internationally is much more efficient with clearly defined regional geographic entities.

I'm thinking about organizing location bookmarks in folders (hierarchical tree structure), and using country ISO codes would be the easiest solution. But it wouldn't actually cover every location on Earth.

Anyone has ideas for a broad geo property that doesn't rely on nation states?

... just to clarify: is basically a key/value store with folders and folder listings. So there's no geo search or graph support or anything.

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Looks like Plus Codes could be a viable option. Two-digit resolution as folder names perhaps. Then use the other digits in the filenames for higher-resolution sync of details...

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@rosano Do partial phrases define a region? The goal is not having to sync all data when e.g. opening a map of your current location...

@raucao Triangulation using GPS/Stars? Every earth coordinate would be unique. But nation states are on the way out I think, longer-term.

@TallTim With only a key/value store to work with, you'd need to build your own client-side geospatial search, and then you'd also have to invent some nonstandard way of breaking it down to areas that you can group together so you don't have to load all your locations into memory at once.

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