So he's saying #ClimateChange is real 👌
Science says +1C over the last 150 years.
Scientific consensus says +2C (minimum) over the next 50 years.

@FreePietje How would climate change not be real? Obviously the Earth has changed massively over its lifetime, and also an incredible amount during human history.

I got the impression that the author tried to use people's lack of knowledge wrt historic data as an argument that climate change isn't real.
I'm absolutely convinced it's real and rather baffled by people who don't take it seriously or even think it's a hoax.

@FreePietje I cannot see any indication of that there. However, you seem to have subscribed to the anti-rational narrative that anyone who's not hysterical about an imagined, impending climate apocalypse, must be "denying" climate change altogether. Which is absurd, when it's claimed about people who are absolutely clear about Earth's climate not being static, while alarmists oftentimes seem to base their arguments on the assertion that it is actually supposed to be.

Sorry, I shouldn't have responded.

I used to try to convince others that privacy is important or we really should change how we treat Earth (,and some other subjects).

But I've now realized it only results in stress for me and people won't change their opinion/behavior as they, in *my* view, apparently don't care. Maybe I'm too worried and/or people need to experience the consequences for themselves, to change.

The transition to 'not give a damn' isn't without its hurdles.

@FreePietje I don't see much correlation between "caring a lot" and educating oneself on the science. Obviously, a lot of badly informed people "care" more than others when it comes to controversial topics.

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