Seriously considering moving a LTD company's business from NL to its legal home in the UK, on the count of everything being more expensive and complicated in the Netherlands, even though it's miles ahead of most other countries on mainland Europe. (No wonder, with them basically having invented liberalism.)

They're making us decide, because Brexit is forcing them to change the status of UK LTDs to be "formally foreign", but tbf they're also making it very easy to comply with the changes.

... The biggest benefit of this move would be not having to deal with VAT MOSS in the EU anymore. Total nightmare for tiny companies. The biggest drawback would be the trust situation with GCHQ and gag orders in the UK, because the company offers hosting services. So really, it's the plague or cholera.

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However, the latter is possible to mitigate, because we're not using any physical infrastructure in the UK anymore these days. That was already a consequence of what they did to the Guardian and others back then.

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