Why is bitcoinhackers.org the example used by Mastodon docs on how to block an entire server???


@jb55 @lukedashjr - this was demonstrated last year when Gab joined the fediverse and many (most?) instances just jumped on the bandwagon of banning them for "hate speech".


@GrandVizierOfMalta @jb55 @lukedashjr Many instances also did not. Please try not to bring this divisive "us against them" crap over from birdsite. Gab decided to de-federate from everyone else, not the other way around.

@raucao @jb55 @lukedashjr - Yes, some did not but by far, the vast majority of larger instances did ban Gab...because they didn't like free speech. That's a fact - not an attempt to be divisive. Gab eventually de-federated themselves as it was pointless to remain.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @jb55 I think "the vast majority" is a bad guess and nowhere near proven fact. There's always a very vocal minority in culture wars like that, and they usually try to look like a majority. I don't see an obvious reason for Gab to stop federating, merely because some large instances blocked them. Why would that make it "pointless"?

@raucao @jb55 - I don't know exact numbers but I know from experience that every single instance I tried to connect with (including most of the larger ones that make up about 80%+ of all users) had banned Gab.

Mastodon founder Rochko, said, "If you join a major Mastodon instance right now, chances are you won’t be connected to Gab. "All the admins that I know, that I interact with myself, have already blocked Gab," says Rochko — including Mastodon.Social. "Essentially, they’re isolated.""

@raucao @jb55 -

APPL & GOOG banned them from the store & threatened to ban ANY Fediverse app that allowed them to connect.

They did everything their power to shut them down.
F-Droid banned them.
Their host banned them.
Their banks banned them.
Many more services banned them for no other reason than the fact that the CEO strongly supports liberty & free speech and will allow you to post anything that isn't illegal in the US. Oh, and he's also a bitcoiner.

@raucao @jb55 -

Now, he seems to just be building his own solution. I think that worrying about being interoperable with the fediverse was taking up energy that they diverted to other projects once they de-federated which is why I said at a certain point, it became pointless to focus on that.

@GrandVizierOfMalta @raucao @jb55 Nothing pointless about it. Many users relied on their federation.

@lukedashjr @raucao @jb55 - point taken. I think they were stretching their (dev) resources thin trying to remain interoperable which is why they abandoned fediverse and used those resources for other purposes?

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