Why is bitcoinhackers.org the example used by Mastodon docs on how to block an entire server???


@FreePietje @raucao @lukedashjr That's not the original commit - it just renamed the file from `image (61).jpg` to `block-domain.jpg`. I remember seeing this in the docs a few years ago already, this commit is 16 days old.

@kekcoin @raucao @lukedashjr
Yeah, it's surely more then 16 days ago. Sorry. I missed that it was a recent commit.

@FreePietje @raucao @lukedashjr It *might* be this one github.com/tootsuite/documenta but it's pretty huge. Also it would mean my memory is off by a year or two wrt. when I saw it in the docs, but 2020 has felt like a lifetime so that's certainly possible.

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