Malta and Gozo are home to some of the most amazing fortified towns. Here on Gozo, there's a massive citadel overlooking the town and countryside, just 5 minutes walk from where we stay. The walls and structures are so large that it's basically impossible to capture how impressive it really is, with just photos from the ground.


People in the citadel had pretty much a 360-degree view of the entire island. And enough land inside to grow food in case of a long siege.

Your pictures are awesome :)
What do you use to take them? They seem too high quality for a mobile phone camera.

@FreePietje Sorry to disappoint; it's a phone camera from a 2018 Android model.

It's surprising, but (almost/pretty much) the opposite of disappointing :)
This *could* mean that I can increase the quality of my pictures.
I (also) have an Android phone from 2016, 'but' it's running LineageOS and use the stock camera app. (I have 'OpenCamera' app installed, but have stopped using it).
Can you share (sth of) what you're using?

@FreePietje Not using FOSS apps for all things on that particular device. Just vanilla vendor OS and camera app. Unfortunately, they do make a difference when it comes to photography on phones I guess.

@raucao That was indeed what I expected to be the case and the primary reason I mentioned running LineageOS.

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