Paul Krugman is probably the one Nobel prize laureate who constantly publishes the most nonsense

@lain 'Member when the Internet wouldn't have more impact than fax machines?

The fact that he's actually still getting published says more about the publishing industry than him.

@raucao @lain Gibson kicking himself for not predicting the invention of the cell phone.
@raucao if it were only that I'd just write it off as hindsight being better, but he has come up with these wrong ideas so many times and everything he publishes is stupid.

@lain That's just what I mean. His track record has been so bad for so long, that if someone's actually following it, how can they still pay him to write for them? The only logical answer IMO is that none of his publishers actually care. He's an economics pop star to people who don't understand economics, and apparently his bullshit sells enough to keep him on payroll.

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