A normal-size gateway dropped onto an Embraer 170 kind of looks like an elephant trying to eat a cigar-shaped peanut.

@stevenroose Not good enough. Only works when you're really fast.

@stevenroose Choose "direct" as audience, but don't mention anyone. Creates invisible post. Then review, and delete and redraft for correct audience.

@raucao Ah yeah that makes sense. But I mean just re-reading your own post is the ultimate solution for me. Usually it's just me being too fast. And the dm-to-self trick doesn't help because I just won't do it when I'm being too fast..
It does make sense if you want to deliberate for a day or so on your post :)

@raucao Yeah other than that, I think it's a feature that posts are not editable. Not a flaw 😅
Personal opinion, though

@raucao I would even go further and I'd use a deterministic permalinking scheme where if you have a permalink and the content was actually changed since the moment you permalinked, your client could detect it.

@stevenroose Yes, content-adressable URIs could make sense.

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