How do people do physical whiteboards in a room, with remote participants being able to see them properly?

Second camera, then switch between cameras? Second video stream, just for the board? Some kind of software feature? All digital whiteboard in the first place?

Asking, because we're planning a small FOSS project event with plans for decent remote participation...

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@raucao I've seen BigBlueButton (OSS) used for things like that. You may know it as a video conferencing tool, but the default centerpiece there is a presentation screen, which defaults as digital, shared whiteboard, but you can also load PDF presentation slides into it.

It's just a bit resource hungry, so there aren't many public servers out there, but you can find managed hosting solutions.

@raucao For an even more complete managed conferencing suite you may want to check out (I'm not affiliated with them, I just know some of the devs here on the fediverse.)

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