Gardening update:

* First batch of compost is finished and almost used up already. Second, much larger batch, is also almost ready to be used.
* Basil is going strong
* The wild mint has finally started to grow lots of new shoots
* Sweet potato also grew some shoots, now that the root system has developed
* New rosemary is the lick. Already pretty tall for a recent purchase, but hoping for a big old bush next year.
* There are way too many tomato and pepper sprouts. Need moar potting soil.

This place is in zone 9b/10a, in case you're interested. Mediterranean plants sometimes just randomly start growing next to the existing stuff in our containers. E.g. there's a bush of I-did't-find-out-what that I transplanted, with nice yellow flowers all over it in the morning, sprouts of which just showed up everywhere around the Ginseng tree during the course of a week or two.

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@superruserr New family members always welcome, unless they're the wrong kind of insect, rodent, or fungus. :)

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