> Using the neural-net tool Artbreeder, Photoshop and historical references, I have created photoreal portraits of Roman Emperors. For this project, I have transformed, or restored (cracks, noses, ears etc.) 800 images of busts to make the 54 emperors of The Principate (27 BC to 285 AD).

@raucao There is an interesting variety of faces in there.

And they also got into detailed research in the Medium posts as well

@superruserr Weird: the descriptions don't fit the images at all.

@raucao I think the sculptures were like propaganda items which could differ from the text and it seems a lot of the work that can be done is around coloring and texturizing if that is what you mean?

@superruserr Making the sculptures a bit prettier than the original is one thing, but correct hair colors should have been added as parameters at least, no?

@raucao Oh ok. I am not sure which Emperors they are, at least in that link a few seem close, if the details are even available in the first place.

What is interesting to me is how wide ranging the Roman empire actually was, you know from the maps but it is also reflected with the emperors who run it. For example had Northern Serbia, Modern-day Syria, Tunisia, central Italy, another with a Greek mother

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