According to the statement in here, Mozilla spent ~40% of salaries on management in 2018:

(Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

as mentioned by others they layed off 25% off their stuff which is a position of 50 Mio USD. Management took 82 Mio USD, means without checking in detail the reducing management to 32 Mio no layoffs would have been neccecary.

furthermore kinda no costs for fundraising and advertising which more or less confirms that G pays most.

There are other interesting positions but i do not eant to go to deep into it. Looks like a Firefox/Thunderbird fork project is more then needed.

@kmj According to Mozillians, they fired management positions as well. So your numbers are a bit off. Just FYI.

i only read the layed off 250 people. which looks like they have 1000 in total and 200 Mio costs for stuff without management. in which way you calculate it e.g. 250 people a 100k yearly would be 25 Mio. unsure if they really all had around 200k/year to fit the 50 mio resulting out of the 200 mio position. so even if management positions layed off to it should still be possible.

and as said without going into it. just fly over the figures.

@kmj Management are people, too. It's ~282M combined salaries is what I meant. Not talking about the speculation of viability or anything.

based on the 282 total and 82 for management it would be 29%

@kmj Ah yes, of course. I made an error there. Thanks!

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