> What if you could buy a phone that will last five years

Do the people at fairphone even know for how long normal non-fair phones are used in the real world?

@raucao @Coffee Well…

My 2011 Milestone² serves as bed alarm clock (running Kitkat), still with the original battery (9y!)

My 2013 LG unfortunately broke 2 years ago (last running Marshmallow), having bulged its 2nd battery

My 2016 Wileyfox is still my main driver (Pie available), running fine

My 2017 BQ is stuck on Nougat, but doing a good job still

Thanks to CyanogenMod/LineageOS, my phones (personal/business, hence 2 simultaneously) last as daily drivers for 5 years. So the answer is: Use them?

@IzzyOnDroid @Coffee Good idea to use the oldest one as bedside device! If you keep it plugged in, the battery life doesn't even matter anymore then.

@raucao The Milestone² has a nice fitting dock, that's why. My oldest (a 2010 HTC Wildfire aka buzz) had its battery dying the bulge-dead that huge I didn't dare keep the battery.

Now the stupid thing I'll never understand is: even when connected to an external power source, you cannot start a phone without a battery inside. Why? And is there something one could simply clip on the connectors to fool the device into accepting it as dummy battery? Could revive my 8core LG then…

@IzzyOnDroid Have you tried just clipping anything conductive on there to close the circuit?

@raucao I didn't dare, TBH. Didn't want to risk a short. Further, which of the 4 pins to bridge which way? If there's a fool-proof way, I'd try it. Else, my devices wait until then 😉 But thanks!

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