Anyone has recommendations for a non-stupid-size Android phone? They just keep getting larger and larger, but all I want is a 5" screen and decent hardware. Not even 5.5" is a thing anymore it seems.

(And no, I'm not interested in some alpha toy with vanilla Linux that can hardly do phone calls. I need this one for reliable usage with no fuss.)

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@raucao Samsung S10e is probably the best bet when talking about compact android phones... but it is 5.8", which is still big compared to 4-5 year old phones

@ott0disk Hah, nice. A thermal camera actually sounds enticing.

@raucao mi a1 was what I landed on when looking for something 'small' with lineage OS support. It's got some hardware annoyances. Smooth back. Easy to fumble/drop. Power and volume buttons don't seem like they'll last long. But I didn't find much in the way of alternatives.

@raucao I have bought a Samsung Galaxy A40 phone about 6 months ago. It's smaller then all other phones in same price category, has pretty decent battery, camera and has enough processing power not to lag at all. 😁️

@raucao Pixel 4 seems small to me, although the screen is 5.7"

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) ?

I own it, gps/location is very weak, bluetooth phone calls crash on jbl headphones, camera crashes rarely but besides that not much to complain about.

This phone might still be available somewhere.

Is pretty small, compared to most devices.

@raucao 5" and good enough hardware. I've got the full size, my partner has the compact. No wireless charging on the compact, average camera.

@raucao i have a sony xperia z5c partly because of its size, and i'm happy with it. it's a bit old though, so ymmv depending on how much you care about that.

@raucao A friend who researched this heavily and has been mainly satisfied with theirs says, 'Sony Xperia XZ2 compact'. :cyber_heart_purple:

Can't confirm. This little query lists 312 products with 5" screen:
Even if many are just because of different colours or other minor model differences there's still a share of (older) products available.

Only 8 with LineageOS support though

From 5" to 5.5" it's 54 models with LineageOS support:

My Moto G5 has a 5" screen and works pretty well but there is no official LineageOS support

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