Got two bags full of fresh local veggies from the truck that's driving around the neighborhood with a megaphone all the time. Price: 1.50 EUR. Convenience of veggie stand on your doorstep: priceless.

... One point minus for noise pollution when you don't need veggies. Re-adding that point for not needing a corporation for on-demand deliveries of fresh groceries.

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@raucao This is so common in Latin America for produce and all kinds of things, wondering why I never see this in Canada / Europe

@rosano Yeah, I love it there, too. In most European countries you'd probably be breaking a whole bunch of regulations. And I'm sure these guys don't declare all of their sales either.


Just be sure the veggies come from local farmers who don't exploit migrant workers...

@GustavinoBevilacqua How am I supposed to do that? I think every other farmer in the South does that in one way or another.


Generally, too low prices are a clue.
The best would be to visit the farmer and pick directly your veggies from his orchard.
In this way you'll have also a new friend :)

@GustavinoBevilacqua Are you saying I should check that they're not employing foreigners at all (and see that by race or something), or should I actually ask them how much they pay their workers? I'm still unsure how you imagine the logistics of this.

@GustavinoBevilacqua ... I'd feel incredibly rude asking a person I just met if they exploit their workers or not.


The best you can do is to find some local group of activists, who know the area and can address you to honest farmers.

I'm sure here you can find someone in #Sicilia who can help you!

@GustavinoBevilacqua I'd love to learn about what "decent" jobs for migrant workers there would be here. However, the next larger town from this one has 40% unemployment overall, so I'm not hopeful that there are many opportunities. Sicily's economy is ~10% agriculture, so there are obviously a lot of low-skill jobs to do there.

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