According to I'm an INTP-T ("Turbulent Logician"). Unfortunately, their detailed summaries of this personality type seem uncannily accurate, compared to my life experience so far.

> their many quirks, such as often unconstrained rationalism, lead to many misunderstandings

100% yes.

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That website is either an extremely elaborate palm reading scam, or some psychologists developed useful categories for understanding human minds.

@raucao some adjectives like "rogue-like" is an aggregate of many properties. These "types" are bundles of properties that is somewhat commonly found in people.

Sometimes, a persons most prominent characteristics fall outside of the scope of this test? Then they get varied results upon re-takes, and they don't vibe with the explanation, etc.

Other times, people really match these types. I know several people who are almost living charicatures. Then it is really fun.

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