So, some people still believe that banning Gab from fedi somehow helps with fighting fascism. You (I assume very young) people should consider:

1. Not listening to someone doesn't mean that they magically disappear from planet Earth
2. Not being able to see your opponent means you're robbing yourself of the ability to understand them, and thus defend against them (or even understand where they're coming from and address their concerns in civil argument)

1. No one ever said that.

2. There is a difference between observing/analyzing a movement and sharing a space with it's participants.

@erictapen On the Internet (and ActivityPub is just an Internet protocol), there is absolutely no difference. The shared space in this instance is called the Web.

@raucao I can visit, analyze the discourse on the instance, develop strategies to fight them.

And I, as an instance admin, can let them federate with my instance, opening the possibility for my users to interact with Gab users, for Gab users to populate the federated timeline on my instance.

These are very different outcomes.

@erictapen What you propose requires active research from people, and still prevents any civil argument. You're both giving them way too much importance (by singling them out), as well as prevent your own users from voluntarily following whoever they want.

If you're on Mastodon, you can simply silence the instance, so they don't appear on your federated timeline. No need to block at all.

@raucao You assume people who don't want to associate with fascists are very young? That's absurd.
I assume people who do want to associate with fascists are, in fact, fascists themselves.

@bartleby Not blocking a specific instance is not the same as "associating" with said instance, or even "wanting to associate" with an instance. You seem to misunderstand how the Web works.

@raucao Excellent points. I'd also add to that and say the first step towards fascism is revisionist history and the toppling of monuments. This has all happened before, under different banners. It all led to millions dying.

@raucao Amusing clip, but you and I know the implications of their worldview. I'm seriously concerned about this surge I'm seeing.

@TallTim Sure, but what's life when you can't have a laugh at the most serious of things. Now you have a link that you can point history improvers to. ;)

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