PayPal & p2p money 

Aaaand PayPal has blocked our business account again. Every few years they come up with some new BS, basically freezing our money in place.

It still boggles my mind that some people prefer this corporate banking shit show over open-source money and p2p payments. Then again, I assume most of the haters are trying to fight off the cognitive dissonance stemming from most of the left being on the wrong side of history in this regard (the side of banks and authoritarian govs).

PayPal & p2p money 

@raucao Those bastards stole a couple K from me too. They blocked my account after they suddenly decided that they needed new documents to satisfy the requirements of a business account.

I couldn't get the right docs and couldn't get the account changed to a personal one. After a month or so of failed attempts I finally gave up.

PayPal & p2p money 

@raucao Also had my NZ personal bank account closed for sending money to Kraken, and had two centralised crypto exchanges try to block block access to funds

TLDR; I'm a decentralised trustless everything evangelist!

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