Anyone knows if there's a general issue with not being able to archive images in Medium posts? Medium just censored what, at first glance, looks like someone's honest, reasonable analysis of the pandemic to me. But all the charts are missing in all the snapshots I tried. :/

So this entire article is nothing but reasonable number crunching and extrapolation from official statistics from around the world. You may disagree with some details, or with the conclusions, but it is really the opposite of what I would think can be justified to delete or censor.

Shame on you, Medium. But also, thanks for the public demonstration of why nobody should post there in the first place!

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(I'm not claiming it's good; just adding for completeness sake. Form your own opinions, plz.)

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@raucao Here's a copy: (I haven't read the story and don't have an opinion on it, I just saw the controversy about it being deleted earlier and dug up the link to the alternative version)


copyright issue. there are people make their living ouf of it. we have 270 photographers of 33 countries in one of my companies. if these images are not under free licence nobody is allowed to publish them. it is the same nobody repairs my heating, my csr or whatever for free.

@kmj That's not at all the same, but thanks for the reason. I also don't see how an image with that kind of resolution can be a problem to end up on, but I guess some people have been dicks about it.

it is the same. pro photographers invests 20k € minimum in equipment. images are payed with 30-40€ per publication. so as photographer you make most of your living out of your archive. most are not payed to go somewhere to shoot the pic. so is free to buy images as everybody else if they want to publish a photographers work, otherwise no pics except free ones. we have free ones too.

@kmj Most of what you said is entirely irrelevant, as the archive merely mirrors the original content, for which the photographer has already charged money. It's not a different usage.

@kmj And it still doesn't compare at all with someone doing free repairs for you. Copying data is not at all the same as something physical, because the marginal cost of that is almost literally zero.

@kmj But that really is irrelevant, too, as the archive is only a mirror of the content that the photo was intended for in the first place.

@raucao is not owned by the company licencing the image. licencing payes the work of the photographer and everybody publishing must pay otherwise the photographer is unable to refinance his investment and make a living. one needs at least 5-7 publishing the image to have costs for the shooting payed. the photographer does not work for free for archive as somebody else does not work for free for me. illegal publishing images is taking - 1/2

money from the photographers monthly living, especially if it sometimes breaks exclusive shots which are payed higher. @raucao - 2/2

@kmj Still completely missing the point. is not publishing an original publication. They're only mirroring publications. The photographer would not earn any money from the ever in the first place. Anyway, agree to disagree. You seem to be stuck in the oldschool copyright mindsets of the traditional, pre-digital world.

@kmj Oh, and by the way, none of that applies to any images in that article in the first place.

@raucao I accept you do not understand freelance photography and graphics business. Furthermore I am not stuck somewhere.

You create a new idea based on destroying others living. If they get one time money they mostly not even have transport costs to the location payed. License is based on contracts.

If you create a new idea for images you must also create a idea who is producing images/graphics with free license, otherwise your idea failed.

Also valid for referred content

@kmj I was a freelancer myself for a long time. An archive of articles does not destroy someone's living. That's utter nonsense.

@kmj (Also did graphics design, and also sold some photos. I know that business in and out.)

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