@sippndipp @bumi Not sure I can read the whole thing, when it starts off with a ludicrous misrepresentation of what Ethereum is, and was meant to be, in the first place:

> Ethereum didn't catch up on replacing money


@sippndipp @bumi Oh god, it continues with the energy waste PoW nonsense. Sorry, I'm out after the first paragraph. :/

@raucao @bumi but it's true. And PoS is more economical. What about it?

@sippndipp @raucao It's just not that simple and such statements are imo greatly misleading. (especially when saying PoS is the solution)

but it's 2020 and I am actually done talking about/discussing that topic.

@bumi @raucao there might be something better and when it comes out then that's the thing.

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