I' now view venture-funded vs. bootstrapped as just as important a distinction as proprietary vs FOSS.

VCs invest in companies that they think will either 1) fail or 2) as 10× as big. No one can grow 10× by organically growing their current user base with a good product—they have to change *something*. And those changes frequently harm/abuse current users.

So, I'm suspicious of #gitlab, #wire, and #keybase#foss software can't make up for perverse growth incentives.

h/t @schlink re: Wire


@codesections @schlink Even worse, virtually all VCs' funds have expiration dates of between 5 and 10 years, after which they demand their pound of flesh. Goal is *always* to exit, either via IPO or via sale of the company.

@raucao @codesections @schlink Very interesting! Wire being sold is so sad :< Had high hopes for the project. But at least their entire code is open source.
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