Microsoft GitHub requires people to open Stripe accounts and go through various KYC processes, in order to use the sponsor buttons at all. Even if you just want your own custom links to be displayed.


I'm so sorry: this isn't true at all! Not sure how I ended up where I did, but it's totally possible to just add custom links without doing KYC or signing up for Stripe!

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@raucao this is for you to donate, not receive? Then yeah that's shitty.

@waxwing No, just to be able to add a sponsor button to direct people to your own preferred URL, instead of receiving through Stripe.

@raucao Oh; I was misled by "Sponsor's profile". If you are receiving sponsorship, you are not a sponsor. So that's confusing to say the least.

I agree you should be able to add your own URL ... is the idea for it to function like a patreon replacement, I guess?

@waxwing It's a button on your repo(s) that can show a list of options that you define. One of them being native on GitHub, via Stripe Connect, the others just links to external URLs/profiles.

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