Anyone here using WebAuthn with a YubiKey in Firefox on Linux? Seems to not work for me...

You mean like YubiKey v5 WebAuthn and no password? Or Just as second factor as most services do at the moment?
Just tried to login to GitLab with FF and it worked ... (only as second factor though)

@spectaculous Yes, without password. Just tried this demo and it ignored my YubiKey:

Ah okay, just tried in FF and Vivaldi and both work (I'm on Debian 10)

Are you on FFv68+? Is security.webauth.u2f and security.webauth.webauthn set to true in about:config ?


@spectaculous Just FYI: had to start the smartcard daemon service in order for it to work (pcscd.service on Arch).

Ah, good to know. Had it active already because of gpg stuff (apt install pcscd scdaemon on debian)

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