Poll: What amount of money per year would you consider a fair financial contribution for the hosting, administration, maintenance, and moderation of the fedi instance you're using? (Only micro-blogging, like e.g. Mastodon, Pleroma, GNUSocial.)

... obviously there are no wrong answers here. Don't be afraid of looking cheap. ;)

@raucao I think the prices would greatly depend on the size of the instance. Also I think the differences between needed hardware is big enough to warrant different pricing between mastodon and pleroma for example.

But I would go for 20EUR/year for an under 50 users instance. Maybe 12 for single user, I don't know. :)

@raucao I would probably compare it to prices I pay for email services. So something betweet 12 EUR (Posteo etc.) and 30 EUR, maybe.

@raucao I think like 5€ per year should be enough. I know this is the lowest amount mentioned but I think it is fair.
If I really like the project, can afford it and know that others aren't paying I might pay more.
I think that on a small, close community instance moderation will be done for free, admin work as well, so the money should pay for beers and hosting.
On a larger instance more people will pay 5€ per year.
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