I have yet to write a release post, but after working almost full-time on my trusty old Webmarks app this week, I'm happy to announce that it is now blazing fast (even with a few thousand bookmarks), 100% offline-first, finally has proper support for small screens, and even integrates with Android's native sharing function when installed as a PWA. In short, this is probably what I'll tag as 1.0.0 tomorrow:


if you need ideas for usefull features, you
have to look at

I use #wallabag as #bookmark service for loooong articles

tag them (by rules) with <politics> or <tech>

and if I have to travel, I export <politics> as #epub to my #ebook reader

works great for me

@Pep0ni Thanks, that looks like a great project. I'll check them out more thoroughly. Definitely have rough ideas for read-later bookmarks. And because its Remotestorage-enabled, other apps could also re-use that data. I.e. There can be a reader app focused on reading long articles that gets the data from your storage as well.

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