Gruber's idea of social media regulation is to make decentralized servers entirely illegal. I'm sure it's just because he's ignorant about the very idea of decentralized services working well enough for people to use daily, and I suppose a lot of other corporate zombie brains make the same mistake. But boy is it myopic.

@raucao Ya, that seems like entirely focused on commercial run networks.

@raucao why would this make decentralized illegal? Why can't I go to any (for example) mastodon instance and say "what do you know about me?" I expect almost all of them to say "absolutely nothing"

@john Because it is utterly impossible to tell you which server stored what about you and to delete it remotely.

@raucao I think you're looking at Mastodon or the fediverse as the network. If each instance is considered its own network (which happens to federate with other networks) - it's up to the user to interrogate servers. Just like with GDPR the consumer has to figure out who to ask, there's no centralized clearing house.

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