If you think that humans can "end climate change" at all, by any means, then you haven't understood climate change, the history of our planet and solar system, the complexity of nature, and the minuscule power of humans compared to the might of it.

By all means, reduce your carbon footprint as much as you can! But don't fool yourself into thinking humans can literally subjugate and control an entire planet's climate at this point in our evolution. We can *try* to influence it in our favor.

@raucao it's the same people who think we will "terraform" mars in the near future

@igeljaeger Yup, that'll take quite a while. Caves and domes will have to suffice for centuries to come.

@raucao One question, as I have trouble understanding where you're trying to go with this: Do you assume the current direction in which our climate is heading is not mostly caused by actions of humankind?

(Yes, I'm aware this could be interpreted as a loaded question, but I'm genuinely curious about your mindset and your motivation here)

@halfbyte Yes, the current direction in climate change is certainly not "mostly caused by actions of humankind". The degree to which we're accelerating out of the recent ice age is most likely influenced by human CO2 emissions, which is commonly referred to as global warming.

@raucao Your toot confuses me, can I sum it as "direction no, acceleration yes"?

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