I hate football, but I love Euro. Everyone is watching TV and when I go to the gym or shopping everywhere is empty.

Finally I’m recovered enough and could do my first lower body workout in six weeks. On the attached picture the red colour shows where I’m sore. Now, I cannot walk. Dupa boli…

How do you call your devices?
I called my iPad "God" and the phone is called "International Space Station". Now, my speaker says "Connected to God" or "Connected to International Space Station".

Eight weeks ago Astra, today Zeneca. Done for now, until it’s decided that we need boosters.

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Are these two ready or should I wait another day or two?

Following the post from @rogatywieszcz (101010.pl/@rogatywieszcz/10642
in Polish) I committed to not using emojis, smilies and other similar symbols for four weeks until Wednesday 15 July. Let’s see how it’s going to work.

JPG got a new smell „On board”. I must go to the centre and see if any shop sells them, so I can try it. I always struggle to choose one, because except “Aviator” (smells too much like a cucumber) I love them all. At the moment I wear “Le perfume” in evenings and “Ultra male” is for day time, even if I work from home…


Arrived today. 😍 “Slanted” magazine #37 (“artificial intelligence”) with a free bonus #25 “paris”.

Lunch after workout 🏋🏻‍♂️
(455kcal of which 49% is protein)

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Time for breakfast and off to London )if trains won’t be cancelled again). We’re going to Tate Modern.

A good lunch workout. 💪🏻
It adds up to 5570.5kg which is about 7.25 Citroën C1 or two African elephants. :)

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