I'll be posting some nice (or not nice) artworks from time to time - just to beautify your timeline.

Today "The illuminated shop window at night" by Lesser Ury, 1881.

Good night Fedi! 🌜🌠

All services provided by Herts County Council require dumb passwords (including my pension scheme).

They didn’t reply when I pointed out the stupidity and vulnerability of this.

I’ve cleaned up photos from holidays; over 600 was deleted. I take too many rubbish shots that only take space and time to go through them.

A friend popped in for dinner tonight. It was nice to sit in the garden (by the end of the day in coats, and moved inside when the temperature dropped down to 12°C. Probably the last dinner outside this year.

And I ate way too much cake and cheese. 🤫

I hoovered the house, deep cleaned the bathroom, washed sink and cooker (took the whole morning), had a nice brunch and now drinking linden tea. Saturday. 😎

Got myself a present.
I always struggle which one I like the most, and now there is a new Scandal pur homme that I’m going to wear today. 😍

A bit over a year ago, with a help of PT, I lost lots of weight (third of my body weight). I also started a training to gain some muscles. I always thought I was eating healthy (I didn’t do fast foods or sugary drinks etc.), how wrong I was!
Once I started tracking calories I learned so much of what is worth eating and makes me satiated and what is just waste of calories.

Here is a good article on nutrition. Handy when planning a diet or simply to review what one eats: strongerbyscience.com/diet/

Workout time. 🏋️‍♂️

Day 3: rdl + db inclined press + db rows + pec flyes

I’ve seen first Christmas sweets in Sainsbury’s and TKMaxx 🎄🤪

Just a reminder: today we have first day of Autumn and NINETY TWO days till Christmas.

I finished (again) “The song of Achilles”. 😭
I swear, the older I get, the softer I become. 😭


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Guys from Stronger by Science made a new food tracking app. I’m going to test MacroFactor for next two weeks - it looks promising, especially that it dynamically recalculates TDEE etc. each time you log food or weight.


Z wiekiem się chyba mądrzeje, bo im człek startszy tym wcześniej wstaje i wcześniej chodzi spać :)

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