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The ops team is now hanging out in a new XMPP chat room. Come talk to us in!

All done with the experiments. You can safely push your code again.

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We're experimenting on deployments a bit today. Please expect some downtimes. Thank you. was down for a short while just now, due to a manual system upgrade throwing it off the rails. Sorry about that! just suffered a short downtime, due to a system software upgrade not agreeing with our configuration variables.

Details, in case you're interested:

We just upgraded to Mastodon version 3.0.1 (from 2.9).

Release notes for 3.0.0, which contains all the new features:

And there's even a video that walks you through the notes this time:

Hi everyone!

This account is taking over from @kosmos for status and incident updates, as well as general infrastructure talk. is a friendly place for tooting, run by the Kosmos open-source co-operative.