Also, you may have had trouble logging into Discourse. That is fixed as well now.

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Sorry for the small hickup on We reconfigured a private network. All running smoothly now.

Apologies for the extended downtime! We have found a rather substantial bug in our KVM setup, which prevented us from rebooting almost all VMs on one of our host machines yesterday. Fortunately, we were able to fix it for good this morning and everything is back up now. And we also ensured that this cannot happen again.

Some Kosmos services, including, are going to be offline for a short while within the next hour, in order to do a quick maintenance task on a host machine.

Apologies for the long outage today! Things have been fixed, and all services that were down are back online.

We are migrating the directory server for Kosmos accounts, and making it more secure in the process. You won't be able to login to services other than Mastodon for a short while...

All upgrades have been applied successfully. Check the release notes of Mastodon 3.3.0 and 3.4.0 for all notable new features:


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PSA: wlll be down for some important upgrades every now and then in the next couple of hours.

You may have issues connecting to our XMPP servers at the moment (TLS certificate error). We are aware of the situation and will provide a fix soon.

Sorry for the hickups on and since the early morning. One of our load balancers was malfunctioning out of nowhere. Should be back on track now.

We are going to switch our database primary node to a new machine. Not expecting any downtime. If something breaks, please just try again soon. Thanks for your patience.

For our Tor users:

We have updated the onion address for to a new v3 address, and we have also changed the setup to use HTTPS now, which will trigger a warning in your browser. Address and info here:

We just migrated to a new server, and updated Mastodon to version 3.2.2 in the process.

One notable change is that, in case you don't have 2FA set up yet, you will now be asked to verify new logins via email.

We're migrating (away from Google's GKE, to our own servers) right now. There should be no downtime.

We're taking as well as down for maintenance in a few minutes. We'll be upgrading the database server in preparation for setting up database replication to secondary servers...

We just enabled audio/video calls for your Kosmos XMPP accounts. Available for example with the new version of Conversations for Android.

Sorry, everyone! We just recovered from an unexpected downtime. Both Mastodon and XMPP are back now.

Our main machine went down last night, for as of yet unknown reasons. The machine was unresponsive and reboots did not work. We were able to have a remote rescue console attached and have fixed the bootloader now. It does not look like we lost anything. We're investigating the issue now.

Upgrade is done. Check out the new announcement for details.

Heads-up: we're upgrading in a minute...

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