Fantastic talk about Trust at @brightonruby 2019 by @GarethMarlow.. Basically right about everything

Excited to see talks from some amazing Berlin people at .. First up @medk_...

Reminder that Emmental is not cheese. Itʼs the result of a Swiss foray into bioplastics.


The world gone mad... Kiev Boryspil Airport Duty Free selling French tea, Absolutely awful Vodka, and GERMAN CAVIAR

Software development means dealing with important dilemmas on a daily basis.

It's great that @PragTob encourages us to learn new programming languages.. I agree. ❤️ Knowing more than one language - human or computer - will expand your mind!

. "my Rust friend".. @Argorak gets a mention by @PragTob at

I spoke at @brightonruby last year and can attest to the fact that it treats its speakers like royalty. 👑

Other conference organisers should look to @brightonruby for an example of how to do things right — I certainly did when we began discussing @isleofruby speaker package.

+1. @andycroll runs a great conference. Brighton is also a fantastic city - fun, quirky and loads to do.

“The Cambridge Analytica scandal may yet prove to be for software engineering what Hiroshima was for physics.”

Big data analytics.


One of the hazards of being an @isleofruby organiser.


Sending emails is horrible thanks to MS Word's nasty rendering engine. MJML sounds great though.

Planning on being at tonight's @LRUG - happy to answer any questions attendees may have about @isleofruby

Nothing compères to you*, @ctrlaltjustine and @konstantinhaase


* with apologies to Sinéad O'Connor

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