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Our infrastructure code is finally public:

You can find our Mastodon setup in there, as well as config most other services we run. Feel free to open issues, in case you find something broken, or you want to propose a change. PRs accepted as well, of course. migration, planned downtime migration, planned downtime downtime 

Welcome to Mastodon 2.8.0! Biggest new feature: you can create and participate in polls now:


We're launching public developer calls for all things Kosmos, every Wednesday at 9am UTC, from today on:

The server hosting and our wiki had a few hickups today. The IPFS processes were going a bit rogue, eating all the RAM. All fixed now. upgrade notice upgrade notice 

Good news, everyone! We're running Mastodon 2.6.1 now. The highlights include verified links in your profile, as well as an overhauled direct message UI: notice notice notice notice notice notice 

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