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Heads up, everyone: we'll attempt to upgrade this instance's Ruby version and Mastodon soon. It might go down for a bit, in case things don't go entirely as planned. On the plus side, this problem should be solved for future upgrades.

We're now federating with 217 other servers. Go, fediverse!

@isleofruby Hey there, welcome to!

Hint: if you use a URL in your profile, it should be auto-linked.

We're now federating with exactly 100 other instances. Go, fediverse! :clap:

We gave the instance a bit of a Kosmos touch by changing the background for all views. Hope you like it!

We just updated with the latest Mastodon code. Avatar/profile fetching is working again.

We should probably split accounts for Kosmos Social and Kosmos Main on here soon...

Heads up: there's currently an issue with blank avatars for new federated users appearing in our timelines. Will likely be solved by a code update soon.

Thanks to a lot of effort by @gregkare this instance now has an A+ rating for HTTPS, and supports IPv6 as well. Everything green now on :ok_hand:

(Also: automated backups are in place now, and we're working on a better update process.)

If you want to get an account on this instance, we actually intend to keep it running and maintain it properly. You're welcome to join us here!

A friendly place for tooting. Run by the Kosmos peeps.