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Regarding the timeline hickups: everything is back to normal. Thanks to @gregkare for jumping in and helping out.

Still having some trouble. We're investigating...

We're terribly sorry for home timelines not having updated for the last 11 hours. Our database connection pool got overloaded somehow, and we didn't notice. Timelines are being rebuilt as we speak, and you should see new toots coming in, either already or very soon.

Thanks to @rburns for the report! update notice update notice update notice 

We just updated to the latest Mastodon (2.1.0). ☄️

Notable new features: Lists (organize people you follow in groups/columns), profile-moved note for account migration, improved muting, hiding boosts, blocking DMs from people you don't follow, and integration with PeerTube (follow people on a decentralized YoutTube from Mastodon).

Full changelog:

We're now federating with more than 1000 other instances. Long live the fediverse!

Sorry for the hickup, and welcome to Mastodon 2.0, everyone!

Upgrading Mastodon to v.2.0.0. Things might break...

We just upgraded to Mastodon 1.6.1, meaning we finally have up-to-date profile stats for remote accounts!

Also a new video player, more video embeds, and some other features, improvements and bugfixes. Full changelog here:

Heads up: we identified an issue with updating remote profiles' follower/followed stats, causing it to not work as announced for 1.6. It will need a bugfix in a new Mastodon release.

Aaand we're on 1.6.0, everyone! It's a fantastic release, including a new federation standard and lots of improvements:

Check out for the highlights, and for the full changelog.

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Mastodon v1.6 is live!

☑️ Easier sharing & discovering content across servers
☑️ Improved first-time user experience
☑️ Fresh new W3C standard #ActivityPub
☑️ Better profiles & pinned toots

In good news: Mastodon 1.6 is almost done, with a ton of improvements baked into it. We'll wait for the second release candidate until trying it out on, but should be happening soon. was down for ~2.5 hours this morning, due to failing TLS cert renewals, which we aren't getting notified for as of yet. Sorry about that!

You can now enable push notifications on in your notification settings:

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Yay, Web Push notifications are now working on!

If you're on Android, you can add to your homescreen, and receive push notifications for mentions, likes and boosts, same as in native apps.

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