First conversations about Hacker Beach #8 are happening. There's a preference for South America, because we haven't been there in a while. But as always, anything goes (except for the same region twice, so Asia is out).

If you know a magical, tropical place, with a little bit of Internet, affordable, and no direct international flights: any and all ideas, pointers, or recommendations are much appreciated!

We also have a wiki you can edit:

Just back from the notary with @jan, and we got the keys to Hacker House a.k.a. Lagrange 6!

The wiki page for Hacker House has just been updated. Scroll down for current status:

What to expect at Hacker Beach:

* Hacking, not cracking
* FOSS creation and contribution galore (non-programmers explicitly welcome)
* Also get your day job done if you want/must
* Fantastic weather
* Outdoor activity options like e.g. hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba-diving, mountain-biking. (Lots of us learned diving during past editions.)
* Explore the wider region, esp. before/after your time at the official location
* Whatever you want to make it. Hacker Beach is just people.

Friendly reminder that you can already book flights to Manila, and if you're more of a pre-planning type, also onward travel to Coron (town).

We're too unorganized for having finished a longer-form announcement yet. Plz keep in mind, Hacker Beach is an unorganized gathering, so if you want to hack on the same tropical island as other hackers anytime in January, just come over and share a good time.

We're hanging out in on Freenode IRC, if you want to talk to people.

Speaking of which, @hackerbeach episode 7 isn't too far away (January), and you should book a ticket to the Philippines soon-ish, if you want to catch a cheap one.

Questions? AMA.

We just built us a little LED sign for putting on a table during @hackerbeach. First version:

Current location search for Hacker Beach #7 (January 2019) has everyone excited about Uruguay. If anyone has suggestions for particular coastal villages or towns there, we're all ears!

@ted One big reason why people like it here so much, is because there are less politics than on Twitter. 🙄

Sénégal has some of the prettiest beaches that has seen so far. (And still time to book a flight to Dakar and join us on the way down to Banjul in the Gambia.)

Also, btw, we updated the wiki and made it work properly on small screens.

First photos of Popenguine are on the wiki (second stop of our special episode 6, road trippin' from Sénégal to the Gambia):

We have our second confirmed stop: Popenguine, ~70km South of Dakar. Only ~30 minutes from DSS airport: -- Still time to book your flight and join us!

We have our second confirmed stop: Popenguine, ~70km South of Dakar. Only ~30 minutes from DSS airport: -- Still time to book your flight and join us!

The wiki page for episode 6 has seen lots of edits today:

Be sure to help with adding information for your fellow hackers!

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