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Herr Ginsterbusch @ginsterbusch@kosmos.social

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he's actually called (with a double "n"), sorry the typo.

Reading #datproject and #scuttlebutt papers.

There's enough similarity of some basic underlying concepts with #IPFS that it may be possible to connect all three for some hypermedia things.

#IPv6 will never be actually implemented by the commercial world, for a very simple reason. IPv4 means money $

IPv4 is a scarce resource. A scarce resource costs more money... IPv6 is "the fix " for IP addressing scarcity. However, Telco's and Internet Providers they don't get any revenue for fixing it.

There is a Corporate #conspiracy in order to keep IPv6 languishing in incompetence for as long as possible... https://quitter.es/attachment/1537535

I love when I see your resumes and they say 20 years of experience and you look younger than me.

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