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I hate that I've been conditioned by elitist PC gamers to hate whenever a game drops below 60fps

I only found out about this because one of my favourite comics their story is being prevented from publishing their second volume.

@ginsterbusch On the other hand, we literally say "9 *minus* 25", which means we are 25 minutes before the ninth hour passes.

This conversation is becoming quite weird xDDD

>gets turned on from friendly hugs
>socially awkward
>likes vidya
>loves Jesus
>never misses church
>will pray about that immortal soul I'm agnostic about

Chistmoko is pretty good waifu bait.

OSS update: Last night we did some sessions in our new home in Banjul, GM.

@bumi and I introduced the idea of decentralized digital cooperatives and our concrete work on implementing them as part of the @kosmos project.

Then, @bkero introduced his chat and messaging setup based on ZNC, bitblee, lounge, et al. Which, from the bitblee plugins page, lead to a rather entertaining group exploration of both ancient and modern platforms, from ICQ all the way to Matrix/Riot.

never visiting the US again / accepting such procedures

Goodnight folks.
Stay warm. Or, you know, cool, for those south of the equator. 😊

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looked up the so-called correct names for fast and furious movies and was quickly angry that none were "fast and fourious" nor "fast and the furisix"

i'd never be able to be a big smart gender studies twitter person because:

1) i never plan anything before i start tweeting and thus nothing i type makes sense

2) whenever i see someone post a particularly bad take the temptation to post rude dismissive things (along the flavor of "eat my ass" and then blocking) is too high

The Road Movie is a feature film made entirely from Russian dashcam footage:

is it sad that the first thing i thought of was windows to be acting up instead of my mom accidentally handling my wireless mouse that i left turned on at the table?

Shh. Don't tell anyone, but "Linux is Badass: Slightly More Badass Edition" is now available for purchase in paperback.

Note: This book has swear words in it. And terrible poetry. This is sort of like a Vogon book... about Linux. It's just terrible.

So, after fucking around with *BSD for a couple days, and testing all the video drivers that would work for me, here is the stat of GPU drivers in FreeBSD 12/TrueOS:

OSS Intel: Works, but is pretty shitty in terms of performance and bugs.

OSS AMD: Would not even load amdgpu. Fail.

OSS Nvidia: Works, and seems stable, but it's very slow

Blob Nvidia: Works, and gives reasonable performance.

This sound familiar at all to my fellow penguins? This is where Linux was before Steam came along. #nsfw

Also, there are not nearly enough lolis that fit the theme of this post @nepfag.
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