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Tootdon glitched out and started displaying the same image for a bunch of unrelated posts and it took me a second to realize this wasn’t some new meme I didn’t get

hmmmmm you could do some beeps on a touchpad or a tracker or w/e

and it's pretty easy if you have the experience to turn this into a compressed format and write a little synth in C to play it back to a piezo on an attiny when a pin goes high

DSS 65 receiving data from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter at 146.4kb/s.

Chapter one of Hoard of the Dragon Queen is complete.

(ps buy art from other mastodites, it is good!! it encourages and enables us to make more and grow! it keeps financial resources in the community!! and also it is beautiful and friendly and good!!!)

Recording music is an exercise in self-doubt. Argh, I gotta step away for a while.

Spend loads of time repeatedly battling internet issues, to the point of eventually apparently getting better internet, fully switching things up. 

Then encounter major issues with that too.

Ask what's up with that, cos -should- be getting internet with no problems now. After all, put all the bloody time and effort into such. 

Get told "oh there's no issues with us, just switch it off and on again if anything goes a tad wonky."

Well I've been doing that, and it's still being a piece of shit, over and over.

Fuck Internet Service Providers in the UK.

It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.

Made it through the winter storm with my bike. Couple of scary gusts but I wasn't blown away by it. Completely soaked my jacket and my shoes though. 12/10 would ride again.

>cant drink real milk
>soy turns you into a nu male

Thank God cashew milk is a thing.

Ohh, and Full Metal Alchemist is back on Swedish Netflix! Wohoo! It got removed while we were watching it last time. 😢

It's kind of an amazing blessing that you barely hear anything about Austin Powers or Ace Ventura any more.

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