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@ginsterbusch I'm thinking about making a Patreon, once I have a more varied follower base !!!!

AIM: *shutting down*
Me, who lived through the entire 90s without experiencing it: "Meh?"

I watch too many murder mysteries so porn is really exhausting because my intuition is to continuously ask "ah... but who is holding the camera?"

I tell students "don't just think google engineers are better than you. I know some terrible google engineers" and now the world does too

Doom is one of our example archived programs and so I showed a student and they asked me what the jump key is.

Kids these days.

"hey, now. why the long face?"
"because longer passwords are more secure"

AIM shutting down has made me realize that I'm older than the age I pretended to be in AOL chatrooms. Well... damn.

@ginsterbusch These are the nicest, most open-minded and people of any hacker conf I've ever been to. I came back, because it was so nice last year.

Yesterday, I had to run `dd` on my boss' computer. On my first day in my new job.

People sharing a hack for being able to post 280 chars to their social media account looks so absurd to people on the Fediverse right now.

oh, aber es passt eine ganze (kleinere) katze in die box. und die optik ist nett.

total der reinfall. dann lieber lootbox/chest oder zbox.

ziemlicher müll. unfähige zahlungsprovider, offensichtlich überforderter support, youtuber bekommen sonderbehandlung, man selbst bekommt den letzten ("im warenwert von 70 euro!") ... miese "Joker"-schürze, komische figur, sonstige ladenhüter & überflüssige ramschware .. nö danke. fazit:

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