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that day you wake up swaeting, cause you've dreamed you'd add another year to the 15ish of your school time o.O
pains of being a father ..

Why is it that I always really like bad/dead/unsupported tech products

when subway tooter kept crashing on bad 4g / wifi connections

Clueless fediverse hot takes from technology journalists. Made me realize how worthless most technology journalism actually is, when they're describing something you've been in for years. #mastodonmemory

when people i'd been following or seen through retweets on birdsite for years joined #mastodonmemory

My timeline going from occasional anarcho-posts, cycling tips, RMS jokes and Signal complaints to hundreds of posts arriving every ten minutes. Thankfully after a couple of months it returned back to a sane level. #mastodonmemory

#MastodonMemory @bea helping me test the push notifications for like two weeks full of rebases and welcome notifications 🐌

#mastodonmemory when because of a photo that I've posted, Mastodon joined to scan a QR code on a toilet paper (yes.)

Probably one of my best shitpost evar.

The said toilet paper:

when william shattner couldn't find lance ulanoff #mastodonmemory

#mastodonmemory Taking offline for like 2 hours because I couldn't figure out systemd

#mastodonmemory when I asked questions on my first mastodon account and total strangers responded politely, helpfully, and in a friendly manner.

#MastodonMemory Spending all weekend playing on Mastodon in that first weekend of early April, because social networking was finally *fun* again.

Then reading up on how Mastodon actually worked, and realizing it was the first new tech thing to excite me since probably FirefoxOS.

#mastodonmemory knowing enough not to call them tweets but still struggling and landing on "twoot".


"okay fess up who on this server followed richard stallman"


everyone getting annoyed that the public timeline was getting too horny, because there was no way to post unlisted or privately yet

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