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@lain @thatbrickster #nsfw Notice, I didn't even address being called a Nazi; it would have been totally pointless. Plus, pointing out that this loon will never look as good as a real trap actually stung zim more than anything else I could have said. H'shit then blocked be for posting this "transphobic" image: https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/752501

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I'm so excited about the look and feel of this new power-up I have to share it with you.

*Space Game Screenshot*

CW:Flashing Gif mastodon.social/media/AX4r3j-B

Aw, man. I just found out my sister has to euthanize her 21-year-old kitty on Friday. That cat has been with her since the last few days I lived in my parents' house. That's so sad, but man, that is a long and full life for a cat.

My own kitty is 18 now. I think he's still got a few more years in him, but it's getting harder to navigate furniture and I know he's got a few internal problems as well.

Here he is watching "The Birth of Sake" with me a few days ago. Loved that mochi. 😋 #cats

I said on FB that this picture of Kevin made him look like he was gunning for Ryan Gosling's Hey Girl career path and my friend Linda made me this. #cats kitty.town/media/JGdcdq9Swdgp6

Oh come on, i a tech-savvy group of people talking about cybersecurity, can we *PLEASE* stop using the words "hack", "hacked", and "hacker" to mean "compromise", "broken-into", "cybercriminal"?

It conflates government-paid professional malicious actors with a kid in a basement somewhere building a digital clock. Doesn't seem fair to the kid.

Pretty please?


[ x ] Vollkommen verkatert in der Schulung sitzen.

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