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Herr Ginsterbusch @ginsterbusch@kosmos.social

Regarding the Firefox DNS stuff - I recommend you read both Mozilla's blog post[0] as well as the ungleich.ch post criticising it[1], and then come up with your own conclusions.

[0]: blog.nightly.mozilla.org/2018/
[1]: blog.ungleich.ch/en-us/cms/blo

@dtluna who is that? did you by any chance mean Robert Anson Heinlein?
... if so, you're missing his middle, abbreviated name.

In a world where only a tiny fraction of the money made in publishing ends up in the author's pockets and where they are generally the worst paid worker in the chain, complaining about used book sales or piracy is missing the point.

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I'll never buy another HP laptop again. That brand is pure poison

i still really dont understand tech buzzwords

Took me two weeks, ish, since I stepped away from #ForkTogether to actually come back to more of myself, sleeping better, going to bed, eating, morning routine.

It's still baby steps with everything, but yeah, progress is progress.

You lift a loose slab and find an old ghostly orb wrapped in cabbage leaves.

@kurisu Greetings from the DWD WarnWetter app: "Amtliche Warnung vor Hitze, Stufe 1" (Official / Governmental Warning Of Heat, level 1) ;)

Voici quelques pics et GIF erotiques pour rechauffer l'ambiance
#NSFW #mood

@brainblasted @gnome @aral To add in on the discussion: These and many other "over-thought" / "some users are braindead and therefore ALL are" fatalistic ideas are the major reasons, why I loathe and hate GNOME desktop and programs as a whole. With very few exceptions, like GThumb2.

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