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Herr Ginsterbusch @ginsterbusch@kosmos.social

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@Normandy more like jay-son here. but I also say Ska-zee instead of EsCeeEsIye (SCSI) :)

Anyone else pronounce JSON as "Jason"?

I love people tweeting from conferences. Not because it's "just like being there" but due to how the destillation of talks and sessions to key phrases is often very revealing.

So still a n00b at soldering, but did a bit of work adding a GPIO header to a Raspberry Pi Zero.

I didn’t get the header on evenly, so need to desolder and start over.

Most of my project time is spent practicing soldering right now. Feel like the karate kid.

Solder on. Solder off. Solder on...

And here's his sister, my tiny little Halloween cat Kiki! 😊 I never post her because she moves around too much to get good pictures 😂
#cats #mastocats

I just accidentally learned that "ember" is Hungarian for "human". I'm not sure that was a consideration when they renamed Amber.js to Ember.js in the very beginning, but it's certainly a fitting name.

I have a flute

and a licence to trill

my python projects:

- one super clean, 20~ line executable program, clearly and simply written so it makes sense
- one gigantic 1,500 line monstrosity saved as "utils.py", containing hundreds of functions full of nonsense code

@raucao no wonder, as they aint related at all :)

@wihshymy wish i had that right now. overslept once again. meeh!