so ... I'm still around, despite some bot shit trying to "fake" themselves into follow backs ..

oh, and just shaved the back of my head again, and the right side .. gonna continue as soon as I'm sober again. the left side is not as easy as the rest ... ! Undercut! There we farking go!

oh yesh, and new :)

@thomas och, geht. versuchs mal mit: .. da sind die PDFs schöner als die ganze Website xD

@pantlesshero wo genau habe ich gesagt, dass "fett sein" etwas schlechtes wäre? Nein. Egal. Die Welt ist schlecht. Und ich mach hier jetzt zu. Plonk.

@pantlesshero nein. das war als positiver kommentar zu verstehen. darum die vielen tollen smilies.

.. warum auch immer mensch das automatisch als zynisch und bösartig betrachten mag. .. vermutlich bin ich einfach zu alt, und verstehe das nicht mehr.

@ginsterbusch @glsbank after 1 week now I got a reply on my email in which I asked about the issue on opening the account. the reply is a standard reply saying that due to security reasons they can not answer by email; I should write a letter and should make sure to provide the IBAN ?! srsly?!

if simply opening an account causes such problems which requires such resources as it seems and with such support answers I can not really trust the product and the marketing promisses.

Things I liked about 80's/90's computing:
- Total control over my hardware
- Software that worked with me, not against me
- Superior aesthetics (yeah I said it :3 )
- Overall sense of promise and freedom

Things I like about computing today:
- Easy and open access to knowledge
- Insane amounts of storage
- The sheer computing POWERRRR

Now if only we could make these attributes come together instead of being period exclusive. :blobthinking:

me: let's fix this small issue with Spark
me, 1239 hours later, 8412 tabs open about Spark, Hive, Thrift, metastores, warehouses, RDDs, Derby...: I can start to try and understand this small issue with Spark now

Anarchy Linux is a great Arch Linux installer, but having to download from Microsoft GitHub is the dumbest thing ever. It's excruciatingly slow compared to Bittorrent.

@glsbank @bumi So I guess its better to wait till the begin of September to open a banking account online with you? Or directly go to your HQ in Bochum and do that there?

Most useful vending machine at camp? Maybe the Eiswürfelautomat is even more vital.

@pantlesshero Oh, sorry, austrian. Leicht mollig oder auch "normal gebaut, mit ein bisserl mehr dran". Aber definitiv NICHT fett. Ich bin fett, ich weiß, wovon ich rede (197 cm, 140 kg) 😇😸

@pantlesshero "tall fat" .. erm, sorry, but _I_ am fat. you might be, at best / worst, called "a bit chubby" or "normal with a slight tendency to chubbiness". 🤨

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