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So when some of you said "it's great that GDPR forces people to ask me about another opt-in for storing data or sending newsletters", under GDPR itself, emailing that question is illegal *especially* in the case that you haven't given consent yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@halfbyte was ich mich bei dem dauerthema aber immer noch frage: es geht hier um pkw, oder? dadurch wird völlig vom thema lastverkehr und dessen massive folgen abgelenkt. die meisten (wenn nicht sogar alle?) lkws sind dieselfahrzeuge. auch wenn die feinstaubfilter etc haben, ist die belastung um ein paar potenzen höher, als bei so nem kleinen töfftöff.

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People: "LOL, politicians have no idea how the Internet works at all."

The same people: "It's a great idea that the EU tries to regulate the entire Internet via unlimited chains of responsibility among companies across borders. We as citizens should be legally forbidden to make our own decisions about what servers and people we connect to, for our own good."

Here's one example of a truly evil company, selling your very personal data including an entire profile of you: gbgplc.com/

Under GDPR, most of what they store and sell does not need your consent, because of the various provisions that make it legal for them to both store it as well as give it to someone who you're about to sign a contract with. We'll have to see court cases to make sure that's the case, but guess who has more high-profile law firms working for them.

As a German, try having your data deleted by SCHUFA, a private company. Let me know how it goes.

Consent is only one of several options for why someone is allowed to store your data. People trying to frame this as "companies have to get users' consent for anything they store" are either lying to you, or haven't read the law.

@rixx anscheinend bin ich schon als kleinkind erwachsen gewesen. die stufe "rosinen im gebäck sind toll" hab ich aber nie erreicht.

£11 for 8GB + 2GB is just taking the absolute piss, CeX

What's your robot name?

First name = the contents of your SSH private key

Last name = your SSH keyphrase

There is clear evidence of an agenda at play in Dzuk's controversial text, "on the BLOCKchain blocklist advisory,"[0] where Dzuk attempts to systemically oppress #pleroma developers and power posters by conveniently finding ways to categorize them all as

(a ) western chauvinists / neo-nazis
(b ) sex offenders / sexual predators
(c ) gamers
(d ) anti-furry

The irony in Dzuk's attack on rorykon is that in doing so, he actually is letting real child abusers off the hook by lowering them to the same level as the Japanese artists who depict the human form in a gamut of sizes. By conflating rorykon, which is typically a very small percentage of the Japanese art shared on Japanese art servers by Japanese artists, with child abuse media, recordings of child abuse/torture produced by rapists for profit, Dzuk is also being a Western chauvinist and is engaging in culture policing. Keep in mind that Dzuk is a white, American male.

Later on in his text, Dzuk calls out a small percentage of Pleroma users for being anti-furry. Dzuk, by your logic, isn't the furry fandom a way of normalizing the sexual abuse of animals? Why are Pleroma users morally in the wrong for criticizing practices and cultures that they believe contribute to the normalization of sex crimes when you were calling them out for doing what you believe to be the same thing?

Notice that -- conveniently -- there is literally no mention of switter, a Mastodon instance used to facilitate sex trafficking -- an actual crime (unlike sharing furry OR rorykon art). In an article that advocates blocking specific instances for imaginary "legal reasons," there is absolutely NO mention of a network that facilitates ACTUALLY ILLEGAL SEX CRIMES. (What happened with Craigslist and Backpage? )

(Also -- ironically -- poor @dtluna was publicly shamed for calling out neoliberal war criminal Clinton's well-documented crimes against humanity. What happened in Waco Texas is not a "conspiracy theory" but rather a well-documented dark stain on America's history pages) [1]

We demand that @dzuk self-crit, take his block lists[2] offline, and apologize to admins of named instances / targeted individuals. For those who have been harmed financially by any actions taken by those influenced by @dzuk's fiery & misleading language, (such as Japanese artists, many of whom DON'T draw rorykon) we demand reparations.

[0] - http://telegra.ph/Instances-to-silencesuspend-on-Mastodon-06-23
[1] - https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/fanning-flames-waco
[2] - https://github.com/dzuk-mutant/blockchain/blob/master/blockchain.json

Appu cat, my favorite garden gnome 🐱

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