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Herr Ginsterbusch @ginsterbusch@kosmos.social

Die Tagesschau erklärt die Welt. Heute: Stöcker. Damit tanzen sog. "Morris-Männer". Wahlweise handelt es sich dabei entweder um eine Makrelenart (die sog. Bastard- oder Holzmakrele), oder aber den Seitenarm eines Nebenflusses der Havel ;)


: guess I found out how to favor and boost - just by accident. Honestly, this app feels more like a playground for UI and UX Concepts than a proper effort for a mastodon client :-/ *smh*

To boost or favor a toot in tooty fruity, you have to drag and pull the toot to the right. Then itll reveal a fancy favor / favor or boost button "field" .. very random. kosmos.social/media/dotQjneuWB

more on subway tooter:
- the notifications work (in contrast to tusky)
- a slight information overkill, but the monochrome UI saves the day
- proper UI for CW, nsfw and visibility settings per toot