@elisa hm. both adhd and hks .. undecided? or slightly sarcastic? ;)

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@ginsterbusch hah no. It's a severe form of adhd. It's my official diagnosis sadly not sarcasm. 🙈

@elisa but ADHD is the successor of HKS. before that, it was just callled MCD (minimal cerebral.dysfunction - aka "an invisible, but detectable defect in the brain").

@elisa or did they recompile and reinvent the whole pile again? nowadays, it looks mostly like what we call "klemmbrettpsychologie" (translates to clipboard psychology), meaning you just checkmark a given list, and if a specific number, eg 5 out of 10, are checked, it is hooray! we get you a nice sounding, but essentially totally made up illness!

@elisa but it is. the "specification" throws a vast amount of different, sometimes only distantly related "illnesses" into one big pot. eg. because i got a slight focus problem, which gets triggered thanks to my massive sight impairment, I fall into it, too. although MY "issues" are more akin to classic geek/nerdity or autism-related problems.

@elisa so its a made-up, ie. constructed conception, not something one may exactly pinpoint. but that has been going on since the very start, somewhere around the 70s. maybe having been part of the scientific exploration gives another perspective, but still ..

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