@siina so .. whats so bad about the lustwork shenanigans?

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@ginsterbusch Nothing at all. It's all in their own head, and their own preconceived notions lmao.

I'm too sexually open for their liking which is okay. It just sucks they waited 'til now to do something about it. And very silly that they made a stink about it instead of just being an adult and moving on.

@siina sounds like the drama I had going on when I thought it'd be a good idea to connect with family (besides my sisters) ..

@ginsterbusch I think my family would disown me if they hadn't already.

@siina nah, my parents are kinda vice-versa these days. Still bad idea to have my mom around and NOT my small sister, too, but she's mellowed over the years. My dad's been turning into a rather grumpy bitch .. sadly.

@siina they don't know much about my sexuality, though. they might guess, based on their own .. esp. when my lil sis officially said she's poly (to avoid complex explanations to parents and family).

@siina I'm quite open to a lot of things, although people tend to be surprised when they find out about it.

@ginsterbusch Some people are the same regarding myself, and it is confusing to me, sometimes, given how open I am.

@siina my guess is, the overall, common view still is: if you're "different", you ought to scream it from the roofs of the neighbourhood constantly, instead of acting just natural, as how everything else is (or should work). or its just sheeple-ism, even getting the best of us.

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