@michielbdejong hey, sorry I only saw this just now. The Zoom call is every week.

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macOS and iOS users: What are your favorite XMPP clients on Apple platforms?

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Poll: What amount of money per year would you consider a fair financial contribution for the hosting, administration, maintenance, and moderation of the fedi instance you're using? (Only micro-blogging, like e.g. Mastodon, Pleroma, GNUSocial.)

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PSA: The new Daniel Suarez novel "Change Agent" has been released today. Go to your favorite book dealer and buy it now. Based on his other books, there is next to no chance it will disappoint.

Only one more week until the release of the new Daniel Suarez novel "Change Agent". Getting excited.

Checking how this works. Still "vom Tooten und Blasen keine Ahnung".


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